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Balance Staffing Demands and More – the Not-So-Secret Answer

In recent years, and more so in recent months, managing warehouses has gotten progressively more difficult. A global pandemic has increased demand for product deliveries, as more people stay home and order online. The strain to keep supplies flowing puts stress on warehouse managers, struggling to maintain staffing levels due to COVID-related employee absences and disrupted workforce availability.

During peak demand periods, the problem is exacerbated as already-stressed workers are asked to accept extra hours to pick up the slack, while “surge” hires adjust to the pace and make the inevitable rookie mistakes. Balancing staffing demands may feel impossible. Worker safety becomes an issue. Customer service becomes an issue. Employee relations becomes an issue.

So what can you do to resolve these issues? One answer may be getting a modern warehouse labor management system (LMS). Today’s solutions can make a difference in balancing staffing demands and improving worker performance while maintaining high levels of customer service and employee satisfaction. It’s a win-win-win solution that benefits customers, employees, and managers alike.

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