How Does Luminate Tasking Increase Warehouse Efficiency? (Part 1)


In this blog series, we will look at running a seamless warehouse (Part 1) and take a deeper dive into JDA Warehouse Luminate Tasking and how this can improve your warehouse operations (Part 2).

Are You Running A Seamless Warehouse?

When it comes to running a seamless warehouse, three very important factors come into play — strong leadership, constant improvement of warehouse operations, and optimising your workforce.  As part of this optimising workforce, efficiency should be an ongoing process in a warehouse. The less time and effort that’s wasted getting a task done, the healthier the bottom line will look.

Below is a simple yet important checklist to ensuring a seamless warehouse:

  • Eliminate the amount of travel within the facility to decrease the labour task time
  • Reduce the number of processes or steps to simplify any task to decrease the labour task time
  • Get rid of paper-based operations to reduce errors and or better communication
  • Reduce product handling to minimise labour task time.
  • Leveraging the latest technologies available which can do better planning and helps to execute the operations to give a competitive advantage

In our next blog, we’ll be talking about the advantages of JDA Warehouse Luminate tasking and how this can improve your warehouse operations (Part 2)

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Written By Rajitha Bhashyam, WMS Consultant, Open Sky Group.