For JDA 9.1 WMS, WLM Questions – We’ve Got Answers

JDA 9.1 WMS, WLM Answers to Questions

This morning over coffee, my wife and I had a heated debate over a song lyric. She insisted the singer was not saying the word “and” in the chorus, and I insisted the “and” was an important piece of the chorus. Luckily our debate didn’t go on for long. With the help of Google, my memory was quickly and easily validated (in 10 years of marriage, I’ve learned to take the easy wins). My point? I could quickly search and get an answer to an easy question like song lyrics. Not all questions are that easy to answer, like where to configure Putaway override reasons and actions in JDA 9.1 WMS. Good luck finding the answer to that one on Yahoo.

During the configuration of WMS software, sometimes the best “search engine” is experience. At Open Sky Group, we’ve got that covered. We currently have four ongoing JDA WMS 9.1 implementations and one 9.1 customers already in post-go-live support. This makes our team a living, breathing search engine for JDA WMS and WLM 9.1. Speaking from personal experience, I can attest that our team is becoming a wealth of JDA 9.1 knowledge. Our past and current implementations cover a large variety of clients ranging from serialization to case-tracked inventory to each pick, e-commerce-based business. By not focusing on one specific type of warehousing, we’re able to learn all of the uses of this exciting new JDA WMS interface, and all the new features that come along with the JDA 9.1 release.

Our teams are a tight-knit community, with the ability to network constantly to provide feedback on new features or guidance on advanced configurations. If you were to peek at my email inbox, you’d see a steady flow of factoids, questions, and answers shared throughout our technical and support teams. Many of us await new releases (right now these are coming about every two weeks) to jump in and get our hands dirty, previewing the newest features added to the software, like interactive user dashboards and web-based e-commerce returns functionality.

The Open Sky team is also a very nice mix of technical and operational resources. This mix gives us just the right approach to provide both smart and workable solutions for our clients. Some might think that the introduction of JDA’s new software would level the playing field when it comes to experience vs. inexperience. After all, JDA’s latest release is new to all of us. What we’ve found in our ongoing 9.1 implementations of JDA WMS and WLM is that our experience is a major factor in our success. Knowing the background of the software, and the path to evolution, allows us to focus more on new features while understanding the core logic behind the scenes.

When we heard plans of JDA’s new WMS and WLM user interface, we decided to jump in and took on five 9.1 implementations in the first year of the software’s release. Our aim is to be the “answer people” for JDA 9.1. We’re well on our way to accomplishing that with one completed implementation and our ongoing projects showing very promising results from testing and preparing for early 2017 go-lives. We know that we have the answers for nearly any JDA 9.1 related questions.

Contact Open Sky Group today with your questions on JDA WMS and WLM 9.1 versions – we’ve got answers and experience.