Open Sky Group Changes Implementation Paradigm for Mid-Market Companies and WMS


Accelerating time to value for WMS deployments through an agile methodology and a no-modifications approach

Open Sky Group (Open Sky) is changing the paradigm for supply chain software implementations for mid-market companies. No longer will companies be stuck with long and risky implementations. This shift is driven by Open Sky’s disciplined, agile methodology and a no-modifications approach. As a result, Open Sky has shortened the time to value for mid-market companies and has now successfully completed an impressive number of installs of the latest versions of JDA Warehouse (WMS) and Labour (WLM) Management as a JDA Partner.

“Our disciplined, agile methodology and no-modifications approach is part of what is helping to speed the time to value for our clients. The methodology we’ve developed repurposes aspects of Agile software development concepts and applies these to Warehouse and Labor Management implementations. This greatly streamlines the workload and gets early and consistent involvement from critical members of the team,” says Chad Kramlich, senior vice president of client services for Open Sky Group. “Although it might sound easy, a no-modifications approach can be tough and takes strong project and change management. Even with those two critical pieces, success still relies on the exceptional skills of our teams and the configurability and usability of these latest versions of JDA WMS and WLM. Combined, this helps customers successfully get up and running more quickly with less risk and in many cases at a lower cost of ownership than alternatives.”

“Open Sky Group has a keen ability to rapidly implement the JDA Warehouse Management and JDA Warehouse Labor Management solutions for mid-market companies,” says Greg O’Sullivan, group vice president, global partner alliances and channels for JDA. “Further, with their successful software implementations and high customer satisfaction, Open Sky Group is a key part of the JDA Partner ecosystem.”