Open Sky Group Launches 18 Client Warehouse and Labour Management Software Go-Lives in 15 Weeks


The numbers illustrate Open Sky Group’s ability to bring distribution centers live using disciplined agility and no modifications approach.

Open Sky Group is proud to announce that it has deployed eighteen go-lives of Blue Yonder Warehouse Management and Blue Yonder Warehouse Labour Management across fifteen weeks for its clients. This record number is a testament to Open Sky Group’s ability to bring a distribution center live with minimal issues. The go-lives were conducted in the typical time frame for an Open Sky Group implementation (three to five months) using Open Sky Group’s methodology of disciplined agility and no-modifications approach that shortens implementation timelines, decreases costs, and speeds time to value for clients. The go-lives span multiple industries including automotive, food and beverage, grocery, third party logistics, retail, and consumer goods and the client companies range in size from small to medium-sized, privately-held companies to multi-national, billion-dollar companies.

“While the go-lives were of the typical time frame for us, it’s an incredible illustration of how our process leads to minimal go-live issues. We place a strong emphasis on testing and conducting mock-go-lives, two crucial pieces that ensure smoother deployments. If we had any projects in trouble, it could have demanded we add more resources to resolve issues – and we wouldn’t have been able to deploy so many in fifteen weeks,” says Chad Kramlich, of Open Sky Group. “We’ve developed and refined this agile implementation approach through over 700 successful implementations. These are the kinds of statistics that we achieve with our strong, experienced teams and clients that are committed to project success.”