How Is Your Supply Chain Software Implementation Going?

Whether you are rolling out existing software to additional facilities or implementing a brand new system for one or more locations, time and costs can mean everything. Open Sky Group resources average over 15 years of Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) experience and 18 years of operations experience per consultant. This means you will get a very effective team ensuring the success of your implementation for:

Open Sky Group is the largest dedicated WMS implementation partner of Blue Yonder’s supply chain platform. Because of our deep experience and knowledge of those systems, we are also one of the first accredited WMS partners. Blue Yonder recognizes that small, medium, and large businesses have different needs when it comes to software and has been building its partner ecosystem with implementers and resellers like Open Sky Group. Open Sky Group works with companies of all sizes in implementing and upgrading Blue Yonder’s supply chain platform using a templatized approach that we’ve pioneered that can be flexible to fit your budget and timing.


Open Sky Group Methodology – the Labor, TMS and WMS Implementation Process

The strength of WMS implementation success lies in preparation and planning. Open Sky Group’s unbeatable team of thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced resources will work with you to prepare and plan for your WMS implementation or for your Blue Yonder labor, workforce, or transportation management solutions. From project inception and planning to integration and go-live through to support of the software, we guide you each step of the way using our tested and proven implementation methodology of disciplined agility.

Our approach combines a methodology of disciplined agility, an operational, no-modifications approach, and an accelerator. It does three things for our clients:

  • Reduces the implementation timeline,
  • Helps to manage and control implementation costs and
  • Reduces risk and total cost of ownership. We implement solutions “out of the box.”

Our goal for every project (over 700 to date), such as WMS implementation, is to make sure our clients are happy with their software investment and that we’re constantly striving to be the best supply chain consulting company on the planet.

We mitigate risk and reduce chaos by:

  • Using a proven, methodology of disciplined agility and a sequence of activities that we know works
  • Having experienced people leading and managing implementations
  • Bridging the needs of IT and the needs of operations
  • Knowing what shortcuts are okay and which ones are not (i.e., testing & training)
  • Knowing the best way to match system configuration to your processes and knowing if/when personalization is necessary

Choose Open Sky Group as your implementation partner and guide to successful implementation of Blue Yonder warehouse management, Blue Yonder labor management, Blue Yonder workforce management, and Blue Yonder transportation management solutions.

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