Your Client Billing. Reimagined.

As a 3PL, you want to keep your focus on your clients and their needs. How about invoicing that doesn’t distract you from that? Something that’s easy to use, cloud-based, and enables real-time capture of billable activities. One that provides a clear audit trail when it’s time for invoice reconciliation and is quick to implement.

Start reimagining your invoicing process today with Open Sky Group Enhanced Client Billing for Third Party Logistics companies.

Enhanced Client Billing

Enable real-time capture of billable activities performed within a WMS or other management system with Enhanced Client Billing.


What is Enhanced Client Billing?

Open Sky Group Enhanced Client Billing for Third-Party Logistics enables real-time capture of billable activities performed within Blue Yonder WMS or another system, assigns client-specific contractual billing rates, and creates invoices. It is not only quick to implement, it also:

  • Supports the ability to accurately calculate client level, cost-to-serve metrics
  • Scales easily with cloud-based architecture and standard API communications
  • Provides a clear audit trail for invoice reconciliation with clients based on actual activities recorded in the WMS

What’s in it for you?


  • Eliminates manual data entry errors and/or billing omissions
  • Captures billing activities automatically, supporting improved overhead utilization/cost
  • Assesses client-level profitability via accurate cost-to-serve metrics and analytics
  • Creates verified audit trail of billing charges, reducing potential credit settlements


  • Allows client cloning and transaction approval to be turned on or off by the client
  • Provides flexible invoicing capabilities with as much or as little detail as desired, with the option to send immediately or at a scheduled time with the option to approve electronically.


  • Allows those operating on multiple WMS platforms to have a single standardized billing system via its system agnostic, cloud architecture
  • Allows billing charges to be received from additional systems (i.e., time cards) and consolidated, then billed
  • Integrates into customer accounting systems
  • Uses effective dates to allow for smooth rate transitions
  • Allows grouping of charge details in reports to make viewing totals by vendor and other criteria easier

Choose Open Sky Group’s Enhanced Client Billing for Third-Party Logistics to help you more easily and accurately capture all of your billable costs. Contact us today to get started.