Stepping Up Your Labor Standards with JDA Labor Management

Labor Standards Step them up with JDA WLM

Cruising along the highway and looking at your speedometer, the last thing you want is a rough estimate of your speed; you certainly don’t want the highway patrolman’s radar gun to be a rough estimate either. The same can be said for Labor Standards. When implementing JDA Warehouse Labor Management software for the build and enforcement of Labor Standards, we’re often asked why we recommend engineered labor standards vs. a unit per hour standard. When using Labor Management software, engineered standards are the difference between a rough estimation and an accurate radar gun.

Many people do not know that JDA offers their Warehouse Labor Management software with an entire catalog of engineered standard elements called Master Standard Data. Using those elements, we’re able to construct patterns that interpret the actions performed in a warehouse environment. These patterns are then placed in a flowchart, which is made up of all the actions performed to complete a specific job. Frequency calculations are then applied to the patterns within a flowchart to provide accurate measurements of tasks within a job. This is the core of Engineered Standards. Along with flowcharts, there are also some complex-sounding components such as machine timings and personal fatigue and delay calculations which have shown incredible results in measuring a workforce globally.

Once Engineered Standards are implemented, many operations feel comfortable utilizing an incentive and accountability program. This enables operations to assure those individuals outperforming the standards will be rewarded for performing tasks in a more efficient manner than average, and those using less efficient methods are identified and coached to improve.

By utilizing full Engineered Standards, operations are able to understand the amount of workforce that is truly necessary to complete the tasks in a warehouse. This allows operations to understand the amount of savings associated with productivity improvements.

Every operation should have some form of Labor Standards. Unit per hour standards are a great way to start growing a productive culture. Moving forward, fine-tune your standards and reinforce confidence in your standards accuracy to further your way along to a culture of productivity. Using the engineered data is the best way. JDA Warehouse Labor Management will allow you to build Engineered Standards and install, apply and report the results in one software solution. Stop estimating your speed and get a radar gun for your operation’s productivity today.

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