There is unmistakable value to measuring potential and successful improvements in your supply chain operation. In fact, to truly improve, you have to be capable of measuring (FYI, that’s a personal mantra of mine in my career in labor management). A question I often hear about JDA Warehouse Labor Management (JDA WLM) is, “What can the product measure?” The answer is simple; JDA WLM is capable of measuring just about anything.

JDA WLM is Versatile

The versatility of JDA WLM is bringing an entirely new wave of workforce measurement to the supply chain industry. The software includes thousands of master standard data elements that allow the user to build standards for nearly any kind of activity that occurs in your supply chain operations. The flexibility of the system allows users to configure jobs by the customer, vendor, aisle, etc., and make the system as specific, or as simple, as necessary. In fact, one of the most distinctive competitive advantages of this system is the ability to configure it to be as simple, or specific, as an operation requires.

JDA WLM is Integration-Friendly

JDA WLM software also has the ability to integrate to a large variety of Warehouse Management System (WMS) software, in addition to time clock and 3rd party employee software tools. By integrating WMS and time clock systems, the system is able to interpret all sorts of operational activity into measurable jobs. The capabilities do not stop at integration. The software offers a web-accessible manual entry tool for the measurement of tasks that do not occur in an integrated WMS. This functionality has been utilized to manage a workforce in annex warehouses, or even to manage day-to-day activities of office staff.

Are you currently running JDA WLM in your operation and desire more specific or accurate measurements?

Open Sky Group can help analyze your current JDA WLM and give you ideas of how it may be better utilized to meet your needs. Or maybe you’re just beginning to investigate how labor software can be implemented in your current operations?

Open Sky Group can assist you in understanding how your WMS can be integrated to JDA WLM and help you hit the ground running to accomplish your goals. Contact us today.