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Open Sky Group Sponsors Women’s Racing Project in Queensland

When a lack of participation caused competitive cycling authorities to put the brakes on women’s team competitions in Queensland, international road racing cyclist Cassandra Dodd decided to put women back in the race. Dodd founded the Women’s Racing Project (WRP), dedicated to developing female cyclists in Southeast Queensland (SEQ).

Naturally, with our local headquarters situated in Brisbane, it didn’t take long for Open Sky Group Pty Ltd. to hear about the effort. So, following an introduction from our joint venture partner FourPL in Q1 2021, we teamed up with our mates in the States and joined FourPL as lead sponsors.

WRP Goes Full Cycle for Young Female Athletes

Nurturing and growing young riders, fostering a vibrant, fun, and competitive environment, and encouraging more women to develop winning traits at the highest levels is what WRP is all about. At Open Sky Group, we appreciate this dedication to training and mentoring. It’s part of our DNA as well.

WRP’s greater mission is to:

  • Provide a platform for elite female cyclists in SEQ to race competitively at state and national levels
  • Provide a development pathway for young and aspiring riders to learn from an elite team and receive dedicated support through training and racing
  • Support sponsors through continuous engagement and recognition throughout the season
  • Give back to the local cycling community and encourage women’s cycling by participating in local races and charity rides

WRP gets women racing by providing a development pathway from C-grade (beginners) racing through A-grade (premier races). We appreciate the support Open Sky Group, FourPL and others lend us to expand our mission and strengthen the sport of women’s racing across Australia and throughout the world. – Cassandra Dodd, WRP Founder and Cycling Champion

Teamwork: The Winning Ingredient at WRP and Open Sky Group

Just as our agile methodology relies on teamwork to deliver quick wins and fast development cycles, WRP leverages teamwork to teach young athletes on- and off-bike skills that make them winners in life.

WRP team camps teach race craft, teamwork, recovery strategies, and on- and off-bike nutrition, while building comradery, rapport, and friendship in due course. When races ceased altogether in 2020, the group fine-tuned its program and hit 2021 in high gear, with a Development Team initiative that recruited new riders and built enthusiasm for cycling across SEQ and the Australian racing circuit.

Riders are given individual and team goals entering every race. Regardless of final standing, WRP recognizes top performers with a Lion Award, for the team member that best challenged their personal goals on specific race techniques. They also present a Pumba Award, recognizing funny, bonding moments that occurred during the race.

Always on Course to Improve

Open Sky Group is a big believer in continuous improvement. We believe WRP epitomizes this characteristic where it matters most – where the rubber meets the road.

As we partner with WRP in its mission to expand the ranks of elite women cyclists and encourage young women to saddle up and compete, we look forward to strengthening their ability to impact the community. From attending junior track training sessions to chaperoning C-grade races as mentors and participating in community rides as leaders, WRP is setting the pace for new generations of women on and off the track.




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